November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Generous members taking care of us! xxoo
They don't have this holiday in Tahiti but that's okay, because everyday here is almost a Thanksgiving Feast.

Today, I would just like to share some things I'm grateful for:

A loving Heavenly Father
Eternal Truths
The Book of Mormon
The prophet Joseph Smith
Faith in Jesus Christ
My family

I am also grateful for the miracles of softened hearts and desires to come unto Christ.

This week Maina and her tane, Tumunui, announced that they are getting married! Do you know what this means for their family?! Maina wants to be baptized the same day and later sealed in the temple. And she knows with time it will come, that she will have an eternal family. Heavenly Father blesses His children, He answers their prayers, He grants them the righteous desire of their hearts, but first, we must act in faith and do our part.
Gospel in action
I love this gospel! I love seeing it in action! The blessings that come from living it are beautiful and precious!
Can you see it?
Can you feel it?

Sister Spackman

November 11, 2014

This week we received a surprise visit from Elder Pearson, the Area Seventy over the Pacific, and oh, the conference was much needed!
He talked about the nature of the Spirit, it's role in conversion, and how important it is to align ourselves with the Spirit.
Something my cousin Andrea shared a while back was reconfirmed by Elder Pearson and I would like to share it.
Another name for the Spirit is the Record of Heaven (Moses 6:61). Inside each of us is a perfect knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, the Restoration, the Gospel, of Jesus Christ, the Atonement. This knowledge came from the teachings we received in the premortal world. The role of the Spirit is to remind us of what we knew before we came to Earth. And when we bear testimony to others, the Holy Ghost has the opportunity to witness and remind others what they once knew. It is so so so important to bear testimony, to invite the Holy Ghost to confirm the truths, to bring the heart and the mind into congruency, to allow faith to grow into testimony.
So bear your testimony! Spread the light of the gospel that resides within you! What are things that you know absolutely without any doubt to be eternal truths? Don't you want to share those with others?
I wish every member would take the precious experience of telling others for the first time that they are children of God. Don't you want to tell them they can be with their families forever? To tell them how much you love Jesus Christ? And to tell them all that Jesus Christ has done for them through His Atonement? In this ever changing and crazy world, people will be looking for a source of stability. Let's show them the stability that can be founded upon the Rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who is constant and unchanging.
Please share your testimony today. It doesn't have to be formal or eloquent to be powerful. Go and change a life because you shared that you believe in Jesus Christ and you know the sweet peace of His love. What they have to lose if you don't is far greater than what you'll lose if you do.
This week I'm going to bear my testimony more and I hope you choose to do so too. I promise you won't regret it.
Faaitoito! Bonne courage!
Soeur Spackman