November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Generous members taking care of us! xxoo
They don't have this holiday in Tahiti but that's okay, because everyday here is almost a Thanksgiving Feast.

Today, I would just like to share some things I'm grateful for:

A loving Heavenly Father
Eternal Truths
The Book of Mormon
The prophet Joseph Smith
Faith in Jesus Christ
My family

I am also grateful for the miracles of softened hearts and desires to come unto Christ.

This week Maina and her tane, Tumunui, announced that they are getting married! Do you know what this means for their family?! Maina wants to be baptized the same day and later sealed in the temple. And she knows with time it will come, that she will have an eternal family. Heavenly Father blesses His children, He answers their prayers, He grants them the righteous desire of their hearts, but first, we must act in faith and do our part.
Gospel in action
I love this gospel! I love seeing it in action! The blessings that come from living it are beautiful and precious!
Can you see it?
Can you feel it?

Sister Spackman

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