March 9, 2015

Missionary Work is the Lord's Work

This week has been absolutely great! Our investigators are making progress and the members are participating more in missionary work. Heavenly Father is blessing the secteur of Pirae 2!

The great miracle of the week is that we had 6 investigators at church yesterday... That is the first time in my entire mission! We are seeing families come together in the gospel and single mothers are finding spiritual stability for themselves and their children. We loved a lesson the other day with Claire, who was awestruck by the fact that we have a prophet on Earth. Today! And that he lives and that he leads and guides us to follow Jesus Christ. I love when people accept and love the truth. Their countenance changes and the light of Christ within them grows brighter.

Keanu and Makeli and Hiro are all making progress as well. I love teaching these young boys. They have sincere desires to keep the commandments and learn the gospel. The other day Makeli said a prayer, asking for help to stop drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and drugs. It was cute because he doesn't smoke cigarettes or drugs... Haha. But now he has help in denying those things when the temptation is given.

We also contacted Papi Barff, an inactive, recent convert, who is the cutest old man. I don't know why I love old men so much... I blame it on my Grandpa Darwin... Anyways, Papi and I are comrades in arms now. He is teaching me how to correctly pronounce Tahitian words through reading the Book of Mormon.

Another happy thing in my missionary life is the missionary couple, Elder and Sister Jones. They are from the Great Britain and I have to be careful or I try to copy their cheerio, quite proper British accents with their ''Hello, my ducks'' and cheeky jokes. (If you want to imagine Elder Jones, it's Mike Letts with an English accent...) I rather enjoy them.

Missionary Work is the Lord's Work, therefore, it is the Best Work! Let us all take part.

Soeur Spackman

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