May 6, 2015

Joy In The Journey

Baptism of Claire and Tetua
La Fautaua
Hike to the waterfall with President Bize and our Zone
Drinking from the Fountain of Youth
These past two weeks, Soeur Teriihaunui and I were able to find 12 new investigators so far. It has been a miracle. As with Nephi and Lehi of old, the Liahona (the Spirit) led us into "the most fertile parts of the wilderness." One day, we would go to a house, find and teach one person, then fix a lesson for the next day. When we came back, there would be other family members to sit in on the lesson, and we were able to find more investigators. Almost all 8 of those we found this week live in the same area of our secteur.

Two experiences that were especially striking this week happened like that.

We had found a young wife and mother and we started teaching her the plan of salvation with her cousin. The next day we came back to finish her lesson and while we were reviewing the information we went over the day before, her husband started listening and then came and sat himself down in the middle of the lesson. As we explained more and more, he became more and more transfixed with the message. At the end, he asked, "can you come back tomorrow?" He is thirsty for the gospel.

We also starting teaching the plan of salvation to two children using images and laying it all out on the ground, after about 1 or 2 minutes, we had about 15 children surrounding us and drinking it in. They were so excited to learn! We will see if they will come again for the lesson on Wednesday.

This Saturday, Romina and Oceane and Makeli will be getting baptized. They are so excited.

The lesson for Keanu last evening was powerful and it was mostly taught by our Bishop, helping Keanu precisely define his hesitations. At the end, Keanu said he knows he needs to be baptized, he could feel the rightness of it burning in his heart. He is still hesitant, however, because he wants to follow his father, also he doesn't want to keep making the same mistakes. We know one day, soon, he will be baptized.

We have confidence in him to do what he knows to be the right thing, to join the Church of Jesus Christ and in doing that, joining with Christ, committing to follow him. Not for his family, not for the missionaries, but for him and because he loves Jesus Christ.

I ask you all to keep praying for Keanu, and also Romina, Oceane, and Makeli, and that we might each take up the path leading towards eternal life.

Soeur Spackman

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