June 22, 2015

Answers for Grandpa Darwin

Grandpa! Thanks for emailing me! To answer your questions... The Tahitian people are very Christian and so almost everyone was baptized Catholic or Protestant (even if they are non-practicing) and lots of times we see Jehovah's Witnesses out proselyting or Seventh-Day Adventists. Most of our converts are those who were baptized Protestant when they were infants and then hardly ever went to church after that. People are still really nice though when we go tracting... Instead of door to door it's more like gate to gate because the houses and yards are surrounded by concrete walls to keep animals (and missionaries) out. Sometimes the gates are 8 feet high but it's fun because you never know who is going to come out to answer. And they don't have doorbells, what we do is yell "Iaorana" or "Bonjour" really loud and wait for someone to come.

I love you Grandpa! Thank you for your letters! I love receiving them! Have fun golfing and gardening!

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