July 20, 2015

Huahine Is a Happy Place

Funniest Moment of this week:

We went to recontact some potential investigators. When we arrived, the investigator had taken out all of his religious books and among them was the Book of Mormon. We asked him how he had it in his possession (thinking maybe missionaries had already passed by his house).
He answered, "to be honest... I stole it."

That is probably the only time in this life that it's okay to steal... Not really, but we were happy still the same.

My companion and I are having a lot of fun. When doing porte a porte in the rain, we joke that the wetter we get, the more handsome our husbands. We do 'Insanity' (the workout) at night when it is too dark to tract and then we joke that it's for all the days that our husbands will have worked in the pouring rain.

We have been able to find a lot of couples these past two weeks and we are super excited to teach them, to help them follow Jesus Christ so that their children can grow up in a gospel home.

The members here have big hearts and despite the worries they have with their inactive children or that they have multiple callings, they still find time to work with us and feed us. They are a generous people and I love being with them. Huahine is a happy place.

Soeur Spackman

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