August 31, 2015

Takin' one for the team

Keylanie and Teuana
Sometimes we have hard trials before we have our miracles. This week my companion took the brunt of those trials as she caught, for the second time, a viral epidemic going around in the South Pacific. But we thank her for taking one for the team because if Satan is focused on stopping us, he isn't focused on stopping our investigators.

Simeone and Martine were married and Martine was baptized the next day. Their goal now, the temple in one year!

Stanley also was changed and was ready for his baptismal date this Saturday and now he and his family have the new goal of working for the temple!

We had two little kids from the Elder's secteur that were baptized into our ward and Sunday night we got to go teach their parents. Background: the father of the family has the Bible memorized (and when I say memorized, I mean memorized) in Tahitian so that is somewhat daunting. He also has half of the Book of Mormon now memorized because he is working to see how is correlates with the Bible. I love the lessons with him and his wife because he sees things justly. We talked about the Sacrament yesterday and shared how sometimes it's hard for him to see members taking the Sacrament because he worries they aren't sincere in what they are doing. He understands the significance of the bread and water and he wants others to take it with the significance in mind... We asked him flat out, T..., why aren't you baptized yet?... He laughed and says he knows he will be baptized soon, he just needs to work with his youngest son and also stop smoking. News of him and his family to come!

We also met two investigators from the religion Baha'i. That's a new one! The lessons are very interesting because many of their beliefs are similar to ours. Excited to see where that goes as well.

In other news, we got a flat tire again, but luckily the Elders were there to help us fix it because it was in the dark, with no street lights, in the country, with 2 sister missionaries and 3 sister young adults who don't know how to change a tire...

This work is amazing and full of... adventures.

Soeur Spackman

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