September 14, 2015

Love and Light

His Perfect Atonement

I used to believe
That there was a hole
In Christ’s Atonement—
That He could save everyone—
Except me.

But I was wrong.
There is not one hole,
But seven.

Two holes in
His Hands
Where they nailed Him
To a cross
At the behest of those
He would die
To save,

Two holes in
His wrists
Where they ensured
The weight of His body
Would not cause
His hands
To rip through
Before His penance
Was complete,

Two holes in
His feet
Where He stood
As a witness to all
Of God’s unyielding love
For each
Of His children,

And one hole in
His side
Where they pierced Him
To prove His work
Was done.

Seven perfect holes
In earth’s only
Perfect Man.

The perfect Atonement
To patch the holes in our lives.
His holes make us

I was wrong.
There is a
In Christ’s Atonement
For me
After all.

by Kasey Hammer

This week, let us all be made whole as we are filled with Christ's love and light.

Ua here au ia outou et a la prochaine!

Soeur Spackman

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