October 5, 2015

Love In the Little Things

I wanted to share things I love about my mission this week!

28 Sept. Realize the need for daily repentance and yearn for forgiveness.

29 Sept. Companions become true and cherished friends.

30 Sept.  Learn to pray for a stronger back instead of a lighter load.

01 Oct. Even if you fall on your face, at least you move forward.

02 Oct.  (Grandma Evie will appreciate this) Savor the occasions where you become in tune with your ancestry. This was done while making some Mexican food and rejoicing over finding tortillas in the grocery store.

03 Oct. Go ham over General Conference (also, you start to take sayings from your companions, like "going ham").

04 Oct. Those you teach become as dear to you as your own family members--you anguish and plead that they will accept the gospel and have mighty changes of heart.

The work of the Lord changes us and we learn so much. Let us all press on!

Soeur Spackman

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