December 1, 2014

01 Decembre 2014

Me and Rauana
Happy December to Everyone!
I hope all days this month are merry and bright!

At the beginning of this past week, my companion came down with Chikungunya (a mosquito transmitted illness) so we stayed at the house for most of the days because she couldn't walk. Pas grave, I was able to have some loooong studies. Haha!

Wednesday we received transfer calls and I have been transferred to serve in Pirae 2 in Pape'ete. My companion is Soeur Tamehahe from Tahiti and we will be in a car. Really excited for the new adventure but also a bit sad to leave our investigators and members in Tuauru.

Me and Maina
I would like to share another miracle that happened this week with Maina. Monday she and Tumunui decided to get married and Friday, Tumunui found a job! The miracle of faith is that Maina recognized it as a blessing from Heavenly Father that came from a righteous decision and what's more, she shared her testimony with Tumunui.

We were also able to recontact a couple, Ayou and Vanina, who have started to take the lessons again. They have two children and pose a lot of questions during the lessons which is awesome. We are excited to see their progression.

The stake had a fun activity this week with the youth. We did a faith walk in the pouring rain where each team was attached and had to pass through 4 trials all the while protecting their faith (keeping the coconut seed white). It was too much fun... and wet.

I hoped you all passed a wonderful Thanksgiving and took some pounds, but not too many. And I hope you all continue to take the time to be grateful for small blessings and tender mercies we are granted everyday.

God is everywhere.

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